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Short Pitch



6x30 min comedy series



Slapstick comedy about an Eastern European girl arriving in the UK



"Mr Bean" meets "This Country"


Inka is from a world of extremes: until recently she lived in a poverty stricken region of Poland, with her devoutly religious, traditional Polish family. She is simple, charming and heart-warmingly honest, confronted by the language and cultural barriers of having just arrived in the United Kingdom to work as an office cleaner.

With a mind full of preconceived ideas of what it will be like to live in Britain, Inka’s drama begins when she is challenged by the Human Resources department regarding her right to work in the UK. On top of that her poor English skills mean she is misunderstood, quite a lot.



The main protagonist. Energetic, smiley, but simple and naive. Inka arrived in the UK, with poor English skills, to work and have a better life than she would have had in her own country. Above all, she wants to provide for her family.


A fellow cleaning lady and Inka’s best friend. She is in a loveless marriage to a store manager with whom she has two children, who she is not in the slightest proud of. She shares Inka’s obsession with all things dramatic.


A handsome CEO with issues with his father. He usually numbs his pain and insecurities during long hours at the gym. Despite having a long term girlfriend, Jessica, he is intrigued by Inka.


The antagonist of the story is a nosy, British girl who also happens to work in the human resources department. She is stubborn and impatient. Really hard to get off your case, when you desperately need someone to not be on your case.


An office accountant, is the biggest pessimist out there. In his own words he is ‘lonely, miserable and desperate for sex’. He becomes obsessed with Inka and will do anything to be with her


Conservative and catholic woman. She never experienced life outside of the village she was born in.

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